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Succulent Leaves

Candice Waller, LPC




I am a licensed professional counselor who has been called to helping individuals/couples get back on the paths to a healthy and purpose-filled life. Since I started counseling, I have always been intrigued by relationships and the impact they have on the community and future generations. Regardless of my work setting, which has included nonprofits, rehab centers, and family services, a common theme I witnessed was how relationships impacted decision-making skills. Through my experience, I have created a pathway of understanding the effects of addiction, attachment styles, and family systems on the current dynamics of romantic relationships.  I believe in family; regardless of what our nuclear family looks like, the health and quality of the family are all that matters. As we navigate romantic relationships, we often realize that we were not equipped with all the correct tools needed to have a healthy relationship. That’s where I come in, helping couples develop strategies to cultivate their best selves and show up for their partner, which creates vulnerability and security.

Succulent Leaves

Candice accepts: Aetna, Cigna and self-pay

Contact Me For Additional Information

7660 E. Broadway Blvd #207

Tucson, AZ 85710

Direct Line: 520-800-4609

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