Heather Moore, LISAC, MAC
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 I have been working in the field of addiction counseling for 16 years. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a master’s degree in Addiction Counseling in 2014. I am Independently licensed in the state of Arizona and also Nationally Licensed as a Master Addiction Counselor.  I specialize in the treatment of individuals and their family members suffering from chemical addiction and substance abuse. While most of my clients come to me to address an addiction specifically, what usually ends up happening is we treat the underlying cause of the addiction which could be trauma, depression, anxiety, abuse, low self-esteem, depersonalization, derealization, or other long-standing issues that clients use substances to cope with. I recognize addiction as a maladaptive way to cope with various traumas and integrate EMDR into treatment to take a full spectrum approach.  I am passionate about working with complex traumas and can address all traumas whether substance use is present or not. I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental therapist that desires to help her clients reach their goals, whatever those are. I believe in meeting you where you are at in your healing process.

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310 S Williams Blvd. Suite 245  Tucson, AZ 85711


Direct line: 575-425-0745